Terms & Conditions

By entering into a contract with Littlethorpe of Leicester Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Littlethorpe), the client is bound by the terms and conditions stated below.

Contracts between Littlethorpe and the client are in the form of a quote. Quotes are valid for two months from the date stated on the quote, unless otherwise stated. All prices quoted are excluding VAT, unless otherwise stated. Prices are quoted in GBP, and exclude any import and/or export duties and/or licences. Description of goods is Littlethorpe’s interpretation and to the best of Littlethorpe’s knowledge at the time of quotation. Products, optional extras, delivery and installation will be itemised. The contract will start at the point of placing an order, and will finish on the date of completed delivery. Terms for placing an order are specified on the quote. Additional costs are to be discussed and invoiced as and when they occur, which includes but is not limited to; storage charges, delays to production, and/or changes to delivery arrangements.

Payment terms are stated on the invoice. Pro Forma means payment is due before goods are shipped. Invoices will be provided via email or post. Statements will not be provided unless specifically agreed beforehand. Payments should be made to Littlethorpe of Leicester Ltd. Contact information and bank details will be provided on the invoice. Late payment will result in delay in goods being shipped, and/or account privileges being withdrawn. Littlethorpe reserves the right to charge 5% of the total invoice price per week overdue. Storage charges may also be applicable. Ownership of goods transfers from Littlethorpe to the client when payment is made in full to Littlethorpe. Liability for damage transfers to the client at the time of delivery.

Prior to delivery, the client must ensure that the following obligations are met;
Traffic management
Overhead line assessment (if applicable)
Ensure no obstacles that may interfere with delivery, e.g. overhanging branches
Return site assessment form
Any other actions that may be required so that delivery can take place

Installation by Littlethorpe refers to; excavation of the site in preparation for delivery of the shelter, accepting delivery of the shelter, back-filling, and general tidying and finishing of the site only. All site preparations prior to this, including but not limited to, Section 50 fees and licences, Statutory Underground searches, and/or any other requirements that may be involved in preparing the site for installation, are the client’s responsibility.

Littlethorpe shelters arrive fully assembled, ready to be installed into pre-prepared holes. The client, or the client’s contractor if applicable, is responsible for health & safety, legal compliance, traffic management, and all associated risks. The delivery will arrive within 30 minutes of agreed time, unless unforeseen circumstances are encountered, such as vehicle breakdown or severe traffic delays. In this instance, contact will be made to the client to advise of the issue. Littlethorpe are not responsible for the client’s incurred costs. Refusal to accept late delivery may result in additional charges, dependent on the cause and length of the delay. Littlethorpe are responsible for any damage to the product whilst en route.

At time of delivery, the client must ensure that the following obligations are met;
Contractor and team are on site to receive and install the shelter, and provide traffic management
Connections of electrics and commissioning of electrical equipment within the shelter, e.g. lights or RTPI
Relevant clearance, e.g. between the shelter and the road

Any changes to delivery arrangements must be made at least 2 working days prior to the delivery date, otherwise charges may apply.

The five year guarantee against Littlethorpe’s shelters being burnt down or kicked in begins on the day of delivery. This guarantee applies to criminal damage only. Crime number must be provided. Littlethorpe reserve the right to pursue costs from responsible party. “Burnt down” refers to fire damage to the structure resulting in the shelter being written off. This excludes cosmetic damage, cases where fire is the secondary cause of damage, use of explosives, or acts of terrorism. “Kicked in” refers to damage caused to the shelter by a person exerting bodily force. This excludes cosmetic damage, or damage caused by the use of weapons, tools or other equipment. This excludes delivery and installation charges.

The one year guarantee on 15mm toughened glass begins on the day of delivery. This guarantee applies to criminal damage only. Crime number must be provided. Littlethorpe reserve the right to pursue costs from responsible party. This guarantee applies to the glass only, and excludes damage to surrounding components. This excludes delivery and installation charges.

Littlethorpe’s expected life span is not a guarantee, and relies on proper maintenance of the shelter. The life span in excess of 50 years refers to the hardwood structure. Roof covering and/or glazing may need repair or replacement within the 50 year period. See Care & Maintenance for more information, or contact Littlethorpe for advice.

Any issues or complaints at any stage of the process should be raised directly with Littlethorpe by contacting via phone or email. Littlethorpe will aim to resolve issues promptly and satisfactorily. If a resolution cannot be agreed, guidance will be sought from the British Woodworking Federation (BWF).

Cancellations must be made within 48 hours of placing an order, otherwise charges will be incurred. If production of the order has not yet started, the client is liable to pay a cancellation fee charged at 20% of the total invoice. If production of the order has started, the client is liable to pay 100% of the total invoice. Clients are kept up to date with the progress of their order and will be advised when production is due to begin.

Littlethorpe are not liable to the client, or deemed to be in breach of any contract, should there be any delays or changes to production due to force majeure or any other cause beyond Littlethorpe’s reasonable control.

By accepting the quote from Littlethorpe, the client accepts the right of Littlethorpe under any patents, trademarks, registered designs or other intellectual property rights relating to the goods. The client agrees that any patent numbers, trademarks, or other Littlethorpe markings or logos on the goods supplied will not be altered, defaced, covered, or removed.

These conditions apply to all contracts between Littlethorpe and the client, and override any other terms which a client may purport to apply. All orders for goods will be deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditions. These conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law, and the parties acknowledge and accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Should the client, being an organisation, face issues such as potential administration or bankruptcy, Littlethorpe has the right not to proceed further with the contract and will be entitled to charge for work already carried out. Any charges will be an immediate debt due from the customer.

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