Care & Maintenance

Care and maintenance are an integral part of bus shelter ownership. Littlethorpe shelters are designed to keep these costs to a minimum.

Maintenance costs often revolve around glass breakages. Littlethorpe shelters have far less glass than most other brands, which reduces the opportunity for breakages, whilst still maintaining good visual balance and security.


Like any other window, the glass in Littlethorpe shelters can be cleaned with glass cleaner. The woodwork can also be cleaned with glass cleaner, or with soap, water and chamois leather.

On going maintenance

If your new shelter is kept clean and graffiti free it will last a very long time. Outdoor furniture that is kept looking clean, fresh and cared for attracts considerably less deliberate damage.


Glass replacement is easy with Littlethorpe shelters, and does not require any special tools. Contact us for advice if you need to re-glaze.


Vegetation around the shelter may need cutting back from time to time. Hedges and trees over a period of several years can grow over the top of any shelter. The line of sight needed by a passenger to see an oncoming bus can be reduced quite dramatically due to overgrown vegetation, and because this happens slowly it can often go unnoticed. We recommend taking a photo for reference at the time of installation, and checking the vegetation around the shelter twice a year.

Scratches and Carving

Scratches or carving, should they occur, can usually be sanded out. Light scratches, not going below the depth of the wood stain, can be sanded back and the area re-stained.


Your new shelter will eventually need re-staining. The intervals between re-staining may vary according to a number of factors: how exposed the location is, whether one end of the shelter is more exposed than the other, whether there has been a need for graffiti removal, and so on. It is unlikely an entire shelter would need re-staining at one time if the correct maintenance has been carried out.

Products to Use

We recommend the “Sikkens” brand of wood stains for ongoing maintenance because of its high performance, durability and appearance.

Contact us for further details.