Planters and Seated Planters

Seamlessly blending comfort and purpose, our FSC® certified hardwood planters offer a fusion of design and functionality tailored for the public realm.

Explore limitless configurations with our modular design. These planters can be arranged into an array of shapes, catering to diverse applications from cycle parking solutions to restful park pods, or mini transport hubs. Choose from a selection of planters, with or without seating, to create the perfect configuration for your community’s needs.

Featuring ergonomically designed seating, our planters provide a comfortable place to sit and take in the surroundings, allowing users to experience the perfect combination of a tranquil garden and a comfy park bench.

Supplied as standard in our signature dark oak finish, these planters will perfectly match your Littlethorpe shelter. Alternatively, use our colour matching service to create a finish that will seamlessly integrate with your surroundings or distinctively stand out.

Our hardwood planters are perfect for perennials or bedding plants, which will infuse life and vitality into your environment, while offering a nurturing home for a diverse array of flora.

Designed for the public realm, our Hardwood Planters are more than aesthetics – they’re solutions. Built to endure the demands of high-traffic areas, our planters complement existing architecture, contributing to a sense of natural beauty and tranquillity.

Our hardwood planters incorporate features highlighted by the Department for Transport Inclusive Mobility design guide, reflecting our experience designing for the public realm and ensuring the well-being of all who interact with them.

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Cycle Hub 2
Cycle Hub 2

Standard Planters

Standard Length Rectangle
1.19 x 0.59m x 1.01m
Double Length Rectangle
2.28 x 0.59m x 1.01m
Standard Length Square
1.19 x 1.19m x 1.01m
Double Length Square
2.28 x 1.19m x 1.01m