Optional Extras

At Littlethorpe, our range of optional extras is designed to ensure that each shelter is perfectly suited to its location.

Glazing Materials

Across our range of bus shelters, glazing and boarding are interchangeable. Our glazing is designed to be replaced by a local contractor without any special tools, to keep the maintenance costs as low as possible.

We offer a range of glazing materials to suit all requirements:

Solid boarding: having a fully boarded shelter reduces maintenance costs, and is covered by our standard five year guarantee against being kicked in.

6.4mm laminated glass: our standard glazing material; easy to clean and suitable in most locations, holds together when broken, reducing the danger of broken glass.

Plastic glazing: an alternative to our standard glazing.

15mm toughened glass: an optional upgrade supplied with a one year money-back guarantee against breakage. Suitable for areas where repeated glass breakage is a problem.

Perforated steel glazing: a good option for high vandalism areas or secluded locations such as unmanned train stations. Difficult to damage, therefore a good deterrent for even the most determined of vandals.

Flag brackets

We have a range of flag brackets available, designed to replace a separate bus stop pole for the mounting of bus stop flags.

Timetable Displays and Notice Boards

Littlethorpe can supply timetable display cases and notice boards pre-fitted to our shelters. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Our shelters can be supplied with mains powered or solar powered LED lights. All lighting is provided with daylight and movement sensors, therefore reducing energy consumption.

Real Time Passenger Information

Littlethorpe can pre-wire shelters for RTPI, ready for screens to be fitted on site by your local network operator.

Other Electrical Equipment

Most electrical equipment, whether solar or mains powered, can be fitted into our shelters. We are happy to work directly with your chosen equipment supplier to develop a solution for your shelter.

Bespoke Extras

We are happy to discuss any additional extras not mentioned above. Contact us for a chat about any further requirements you may have.