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Here at Littlethorpe of Leicester, we provide schools up and down the UK with playground shelters so that they can make the most out of their outdoor space. Our playground shelters protect against harsh environments such as the sun, heavy snow, rain and the wind, these shelters can withstand all weather conditions. Not only are they great for protection against all weathers but it also provides a safe learning environment for students of all age groups.

We have a team of highly skilled engineers who look after everything on your project from start to finish. We can provide a free survey on your site, take measurements and give quotes for various styles of playground shelters. We offer a variety of designs including different glass and colours so you can design a bespoke playground shelter to suit your school and available space. Depending on the positioning of your shelter there might be different roofing that suits you better than others we have plenty of options to choose from such as timber, toughened glass and polycarbonate. We are confident in our structures, and we are happy to supply a guarantee if you require it.

Each shelter can be customised and tailored to suit the site in question; we offer custom designs and sizes to your specific requirements. Therefore, you are not restricted to certain dimensions and sizes, all shelters we manufacture can be fitted and installed to maximise the covering area. Once it has been designed and created we then come and install the shelter at the most suitable time for you, we also offer free aftercare and maintenance advice to make sure your shelter is kept in the best possible condition. We have over 30 years’ experience we are the leaders in offering high-quality, bespoke playground shelters at affordable prices.

Shelters for Schools

Shelters for schools have become increasingly popular over the years. Research has shown that children learn better outdoors, however, with the great British weather being unpredictable it can be tough to make the most of the outdoors without any form of shelter.

When the weather gets too hot or the heavens decide to descend on your class, having a playground shelter to go to be protected. As well as setting up playground shelters, we also offer canopies for schools that can be installed for outdoor and educational areas. If your school or nursery has an area for the little ones to play outside such as sand pits or play equipment it can be worth covering them with a shelter to protect against the harsh sun UV rays. School shelters are also handy above outdoor eating areas, break areas and pick-up points. We can also include padded covers to prevent young children from bumping into hardwood or metal parts of the shelter to keep your playground safe.

Having protection against the sun is more important than people think. The sun’s UV rays can lead to sunburn or worse, skin cancer. Having a sun shelter can also provide a shaded area for children to cool down in after being in the sun for a while; it can also provide shelter to the playground and sports equipment so that it doesn’t get too hot to use, which in turn increases the lifespan of playground equipment.

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Additional Information

All Littlethorpe shelters can also be fitted “in reverse”, meaning the rear wall is facing the road. This works particularly well in areas where there may be a section of grass between the pavement and the roadside.

All Littlethorpe shelters can be fitted with many different optional extras, such as timetable displays, flag brackets, lighting, wiring for Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) and much more. Please see our Optional Extras page for more information.

All Littlethorpe shelters are made from sustainably sourced FSC® certified hardwood, have an expected lifespan in excess of 50 years, and come with a five year guarantee against being kicked in or burnt down. Please see our Environment and Guarantees pages for more information.

All Littlethorpe shelters are delivered fully assembled by crane lorry. A PDF ground plan is available on request. Please see our Delivery Process page for more information.