Custom Shelters & Structures

Maryport Rail Shelter

This specification was for a large passenger shelter at Maryport Railway Station. The station’s existing galvanised steel structure needed replacing, as the proximity of this location to the coast had caused it to rust. A hardwood structure was the perfect solution.

There were a few elements to consider with this project.

Firstly, the size of the shelter needed to be just right. The nature of the current entryway onto the platform and the existing measurements of the platform all had to be taken into account.

The size and shape of the site naturally led into the design. This concept consisted of a covered central walkway onto the platform, from which the two shelters on either side can be accessed. The full-length glazing and translucent roof ensured as much light as possible could come into the shelter.

This shelter, due to its size, had to be assembled on site at the time of installation.

This client has been pleasantly surprised by the durability of this shelter and lack of vandalism, thanks to the quality hardwood and 15mm toughened glass.

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