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Glen Parva Wooden Shelter Wooden Bus Shelter

Here at Littlethorpe, we provide a vast amount of different wooden shelters from wooden bus shelters, to park shelters and garden gazebos. Wooden shelters are perfect for all outdoor areas whether it is in a public park or acting as an outdoor classroom.

Each timber shelter is precision machined to avoid any type of splintering over time. We can also soften the edges of your wooden shelter if it is being used in a school environment with young children. The wood can also be finished with either staining or paint to give it a different look if that is part of your requirement. All wooden gazebos and shelters are created from high-quality wood that will keep them protected for years to come.

Our wooden shelters come in a range of shapes and sizes to fit and suit all spaces and environments. Each wooden shelter has different roof coverings to suit every use. All of our wooden shelters are built with health and safety as a priority and with comfort for customers of all ages.

We work with you to position your wooden shelter in the perfect position to where the sun will be, and this can be a tough job if you choose an open-sided shelter. Our job is to maximise the use of your shelter to the full and make sure your money is well spent.

As we all know the great British weather can be very unreliable for most of the year so whether you are a teacher planning an outdoor lesson or want to be the best hostess at a family gathering, our wooden gazebos can create a garden centrepiece, perfect for entertaining or teaching.

Things to be considered when designing an outdoor shelter are the number of people likely to be using the shelter at any one time, if it is intended to be used by all age groups, including adults and if the shelter will be approached or have access from more than one direction.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our wooden shelters or any of our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Additional Information

All Littlethorpe shelters can also be fitted “in reverse”, meaning the rear wall is facing the road. This works particularly well in areas where there may be a section of grass between the pavement and the roadside.

All Littlethorpe shelters can be fitted with many different optional extras, such as timetable displays, flag brackets, lighting, wiring for Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) and much more. Please see our Optional Extras page for more information.

All Littlethorpe shelters are made from sustainably sourced FSC® certified hardwood, have an expected lifespan in excess of 50 years, and come with a five year guarantee against being kicked in or burnt down. Please see our Environment and Guarantees pages for more information.

All Littlethorpe shelters are delivered fully assembled by crane lorry. A PDF ground plan is available on request. Please see our Delivery Process page for more information.