Custom Shelters & Structures

Cycle Shelters

Cycle shelters are becoming a more popular request at Littlethorpe, and combined with bus shelters are a great choice in well connected locations, for instance where a cycle route meets a bus route.

There are many options when it comes to cycle shelters. Previous projects we’ve undertaken in this area have coincided with bus shelters, taking the bus shelter design and extending it in order to incorporate the cycle hoops. This has worked exceptionally well in areas where travelling via bus into town centres is encouraged.

We have also designed a standalone cycle shelter, taking the client’s request for a Northampton-style shelter and adapting it into a secure location for storing bicycles.

At Littlethorpe, there are many ways our existing shelters can be adapted to incorporate cycle storage, or a bespoke structure can be designed specifically for this purpose. Contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements.

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