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Air Balloon Hill School Canopy

Air Balloon Hill Primary School in Bristol was doubling in capacity, with a new build project ongoing at the time of contacting Littlethorpe. A canopy structure to bring the classrooms outside and double as an all-weather play area was a part of this plan.

The specifications of this project were strict due to the ongoing building work, and elements such as the length and width of the structure, as well as the pitch of the roof, were just a few of the requirements we had to incorporate. The client also requested this structure be in a lighter colour than our standard, with translucent roofing to keep the area as bright as possible. This gave the structure a very distinctive look.

Due to the ongoing building work at the time of installation, there were a few challenges we had to overcome, particularly with fitting the installation around the main contractor’s schedule. The structure also had to be independent of the new building whilst still connecting to it. These challenges were met and the canopy has become a seamless part of Air Balloon Hill Primary School.

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