• All of our bus shelters are manufactured and finished to the highest standards.
  • We are the number 1 UK manufacturer of hardwood bus shelters.
  • We have to adhere to stringent regulations making sure the origin of our hardwood is totally accountable.
  • All of our shelters are built to last with minimal running costs and are delivered with an after care information pack.
  • All Littlethorpe shelters are bought with a 5 year guarantee & anti-grafitti/care pack.
  • We have a bus shelter to compliment most scenes.
  • We only manufacture from our office in Leicestershire.
  • Littlethorpe now offer a full range of FSC certified rail shelters.
  • At Littlethorpe we only manufacture from sustainable timber.
  • 12 month guarantee on heavy duty glass.

Bus Shelter Specialists

Littlethorpe are the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of wood bus shelters. Centrally based in Leicester and with nearly 30 years experience in joinery design, Littlethorpe wood bus shelters can be found throughout the UK.

A life span in excess of 50 years is expected from each of our well-designed and traditionally-built wood bus shelters. Our team of professionals are experienced and trained work closely with clients to install and offer high quality shelters on time and efficiently.

Exceptional guarantees are offered;

  • Five years against the shelters being kicked in or burnt down.
  • Twelve months against the (optional) extra thick glass being broken.
  • A graffiti removal and after care pack is also supplied with every shelter.

Wooden Bus Shelters across the UK

We guarantee our shelters so you can share our confidence that our product will perform well; whatever your community throws at it. We offer a 5 year guarantee on all our wooden bus shelters, where within the 5 years period if the shelters burn down or get damaged we will come down and replace them free of charge. Not only do we offer a free 5 year guarantee on our bus shelters we also offer a 12 month guarantee for heavy duty glass, if we fit heavy duty glass (fitted at extra cost) we guarantee it will not break.

Hardwood bus shelters and street furniture are becoming increasingly popular, not only due to their attractive appearance but the positive environmental benefits of manufacturing from wood as opposed to metal. Our bus shelter design team can create wood bus shelters that suit any location.

By using certified wood we are supporting better management of the worlds forests

All of our bus shelters are environmentally friendly

Rail Shelters

Rail Shelters

Rail Shelters from Littlethorpe

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Littlethorpe is a certified supplier: Certification code: CU-COC-806450

Littlethorpe comply with the "BWF code of practice" for competent & ethical business practice.