Wooden Gazebos

Garden Shelters

At Bus Shelters, we provide wooden gazebos. As we all know the great British weather can be unreliable in the summer then cold, wet and windy in the winter. This can be a pain when organising just about anything from garden parties and BBQs to outdoor classes.

Wooden Gazebos can be used as a shelter for most outdoor activities and can come in many different shapes and sizes for different spaces such as gardens - large or small, or school areas acting a playground shelters playground shelters.

When designing a bespoke wooden gazebo we consider many different factors such as how many people does it need to cater to, how large is the chosen area where the gazebo will go as well as the style of the gazebo. Another factor when designing and installing your gazebo is which direction the sun rises and sets, this will also help if your gazebo has any open panels that need to be closed. This will ensure you can get the most uses out of your gazebo.

Having a garden shelter will create an area for family gatherings or even just shelter from the sun at a weekend. It doesn’t matter if you have a small garden or a large one, we can cater to everyone.

Our process starts with a meeting to get an idea of what type of gazebo you would like, we then need to see the space it will be going in and measuring up if it hasn’t already been done, at this point we will also need to know the direction of sunlight and possible where high gusts of wind will come through if there are any gaps in the garden. We will then create your wooden garden shelter with designed specified with yourselves and install it for you giving you tips on how to keep it in the best possible condition for years to come. We also provide a range of Entrance Canopies.

If you have any questions on wooden gazebos get in touch with us today.

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