Wooden Bike Shelters

Wooden Bike Shelters

Cycle Parking

As the popularity of cycling is ever increasing, so is the need for the bike storage and cycle parking, here at Littlethorpe of Leicester, we don’t just provide bus shelters we also provide wooden bike shelters across the UK. We offer bespoke bike shelters so we are sure you’ll find a solution perfect for your needs.

Our wooden bike shelters are popular everywhere, they have excellent security keeping bicycles secure. They are also aesthetic appealing wherever they are situated. The cycle shelters are designed to withstand different weather conditions such as strong winds, rain and bright sunshine and meet safety and quality standards.

Secure Outdoor Bike Storage

Having secure outdoor bike storage in a public place is a must, especially if there is a large quantity of cyclists around. They want to be able to leave there bike knowing it is safe. There are many benefits to our wooden bike shelters:

  • It will protect your bike from all weathers
  • It can encourage employees, pupils or visitors to cycle knowing they have a safe place to park their bike
  • Helps the environment with there being fewer car emissions and reduces traffic
  • Bike owners will have peace of mind knowing that their bike is safe
  • It can save on parking spaces

Wooden Bike Shelters for Residential

Our wooden bike shelters aren’t just for companies and public use, if you have a growing family and find your garden or shed in a muddle with a full selection of bikes, you may need a better and more secure storage space for your bikes. By using one of our wooden bike shelters not only will your bike remain dry when it rains, but will also be safe and secure, you will also be freeing up space in your garden shed.

Get in touch with us today and let us know what you require, we are happy to help. We have many years’ experience in manufacturing wooden bike shelters and have worked across the UK take a look at a recent (Wooden Bike Shelter Case Study), so you can rest assure that you’re working with a team of experts.

For more information about our bus shelters, please contact Andy and Norma Robinson direct on:

0116 260 3777 or email us