Windermere Wooden Bus Shelter

Windermere wooden shelterA "walk through" style of shelter, typically straddles the whole pavement width.

A 30 degree, pitched roof shelter, with gabled ends, the underside of the roof is an open void. The openings shown are 2030mm wide. The openings can be on any side (or end) giving a single point of access.

Bench seats run the full length of the longer walls (but could be put in any position) Any area of glazing can be swapped for solid boarding and vice versa.

Timber Bus Shelter Specs

Shelter size -
6.125m long x 2.130m deep
Roof Size -
6.385m long x 2.50m deep

Expected life span 50 + years (except glazing)
Timber FSC® certified Piquia (from fully sustainable sources)
Shelter Guarantee 5 years against being burnt down or kicked in (see Guarantees page)
Glazing Guarantee 12 months on optional 15mm toughened glass (see Guarantees page)
Delivery Delivered with a crane lorry as a fully finished item
Technical drawings Available on request, by post or PDF or AutoCAD formats
Glazing 6.4mm laminated as standard; heavy duty glass / polycarbonate available

For more information about our bus shelters, please contact Andy and Norma Robinson direct on:

0116 260 3777 or email us

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