Pathway Covers

For most businesses, Pathway Covers look like a luxury investment especially because the paths can remain functional without the structures. Even though this is seemingly right, there are plenty of benefits that come with pathway covers that legitimise the cost of installation.

Pathway Covers are a great way to link your site and also prevent an improved experience to workers and other people that use the facilities. Littlethorpe offers a wide range of pathway covers for commercial spaces and for different applications.

Pathway Covers for Schools

Schools are adopting a multi-building approach to meet the growing demand. For this, moving from one class to another or from one side of the building to the next can be an unpleasant experience especially on a sunny day. With our Pathway Covers, we can make the school more appealing and eradicate the ordeal of having from one point to the next in the school. Path Shelters can also help to reduce collisions among students as they seek shade and reduce slipping and falling during bad weather.

Covered Pathways for Healthcare Establishments

Our range of Pathway Covers offers plenty of benefits to the healthcare environment. The covers can be used to link hospitals or different wings of the hospital. They come in handy during patient transfers and movement of professionals. Covered Pathways are ideal during harsh weather and offer more comfort and calmness to both patients and the hospital staff. With our unique options, we can also add a hint of appeal to make the surrounding look more attractive.

Why Choose Littlethorpe?

Diversity – We offer a wide range of Pathway Covers to suit different institutions. We also offer customised solutions for clients who would like to have covers that stand out and offer more than just safety from the elements of weather.

Experience – We have been working on Pathway Covers since the 1980s. We take particular interest in offering custom Walkway Conopies that are both functional and attractive.

Professional and Friendly – We have a strong customer support team that is always ready to provide you with any assistance. We pride ourselves in remaining professional yet friendly in our encounters with clients and being able to deliver quality results at all times.

We guarantee our client of the best possible customer service; we provide warranties and guarantees to ensure nothing happens to your Pathway Cover. We ensure that all products are high-quality but they might need maintenance.

We care about the environment and we only use trees from certified forests that are managed by the FSC® Accredited Organisation which helps preserve the future of our forests. If you have any questions regarding our Pathway Covers or any products here at Littlethorpe, please don’t hesitate to contact us and our team will be happy to help.

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