Why Choose Hardwood Bus Shelters?

Hardwood vs. Metal Bus Shelters

Round 1 - Environmental issues?

By buying hardwood bus shelters from an FSC® accredited organisation, you are helping to preserve the future of the world's forests by making sure the forests are properly maintained. Manufacturing steel or aluminium shelters requires the use of vast amounts of energy; even recycling metal requires almost as much power as new smelting. Mining and smelting can cause environmental damage, while timber absorbs carbon as it grows. Products made from timber generally have a lower carbon footprint than similar products made from metal.

All of the decorative stains used on our wooden bus sheltersare water based and lighting on our new bus shelters are low energy bulbs.

Winner - Hardwood and Littlethorpe

Round 2 - Durability

The timber used in our hardwood bus shelters is as durable as Oak. All our hardwood shelters come with a 5 year guarantee and there is no reason why our shelters won't last for 10-20 years. Most aluminium or steel shelters are replaced within 10 years.

Winner - Hardwood and Littlethorpe

Round 3 - Visual Appearance

Unlike metal shelters, hardwood bus shelters are always pleasing on the eye. Hardwood bus shleters blend into their natural surroundings and can help to improve the look of a street scene. Metal shelters can often be an eye sore, particularly in villages and rural towns.

Winner - Hardwood and Littlethorpe

Round 4 - Maintenance

Our experience tells us maintenance costs associated to hardwood shelters are likely to be lower than those associated with metal shelters. Most metal shelters have more glass than is necessary; the rear wall of a metal shelter could be either glass or metal sheets, metal sheeting looks unsightly so full length glass panes are usually fitted. Even if a bus shelter is standing against a wall or hedge, glass breakages are going to be higher than they need to be. A hardwood shelter usually has fairly low amounts of glass because the hardwood boarding is very attractive in its own right.

Winner - Hardwood and Littlethorpe

Round 5 - Location

Hardwood bus shelters will never look out of place. Whether it is a rural or urban setting, hardwood bus shelters will compliment any street scene. Meanwhile, Metal shelters can often look unsightly in rural areas, particularly country villages.

Overall winner - Littlethorpe

For more information about our bus shelters, please contact Andy and Norma Robinson direct on:

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