Bus Shelter Delivery Process

How do we deliver?

Delivery is priced separately from the cost of the shelters

Bus shelter delivery

Littlethorpe shelters are fully assembled, decorated and glazed in our factory.

They weigh about 1000kg and are delivered on a lorry with a crane attachment, as shown right, which carefully lowers each fully finished shelter into pre-prepared foundation holes.

The price of delivering each shelter is quoted separately from the cost of manufacture because we want our clients to get the best possible price. A fixed price can be given for delivery once we have a delivery address or post code.

There are several things that should be checked before arranging delivery;

  • Overhead power cables; we need to be sure there are no cables near the shelter
  • Overhanging trees; the crane jib requires a vertical clearance of about twenty feet or 6.5M
  • The speed limit; if the speed limit is 50mph or above and there is no lay-by for the lorry to park in while un-loading, traffic management will be required, this can be arranged but it will be an additional cost.

To assist this process Littlethorpe have made available a site assessment form.

If there are road junctions, bends in the road or any other possible complications near by we need to know before hand so we can prepare a traffic management plan. A couple of photos of the delivery site e-mailed to us along with the exact address are helpful to make sure the delivery runs smoothly.

When a delivery date is decided on, a time of day for the delivery will be agreed, our lorry can usually arrive within 10minutes of that time. The mobile phone number of the driver is given to the site contractor and we encourage vice versa; this eliminates any unnecessary waiting time at the installation site by the contractor.

For more information on bus shelter buying and the construction process visit our dedicated pages.

For more information about our bus shelters, please contact Littlethorpe of Leicester direct on:

0116 260 3777 or email us