Timber Shelters

Outdoor Timber Shelter

Wide laminated curved room beams

Here at Littlethorpe of Leicester, we provide various timber shelters catering to schools, colleges and various businesses across the UK. Our timber shelters are great for shelter against the sun and rain or used as outdoor eating areas.

Health and safety are always at the forefront of our minds when creating our Timber Shelters. If your timber shelter is going to be in a school environment as playground shelters then we can soften the edges to help avoid any injury to the children. Other finishing touches we provide here at Littlethorpe include staining and painting. Even though we love our freshly made timber shelters, getting them stained or painted can protect your shelter. All timber shelters are made from sustainable wood and precision machined to decrease the degree of ageing over time. Although graffiti and vandalism is still a problem with many buildings, streets and shelters we do our best to prolong all of our shelters by providing a graffiti removal pack.

We listen to your needs and work with you to position your shelter in the correct place in relation to sun direction and wind, this is to maximise the use of your shelter. This job can become more difficult if an open shelter is chosen, this is because the sun will shine through the open panels.

As with all shelters made here at Littlethorpe, they are built sturdy enough to withstand strong winds as well as other harsh weather conditions. With different style designs, we can create different roof coverings and structures. This is to allow any draining of rain to flow in a particular direction.

The style and design of the shelter can vary depending on how many people it is going to cater for, for example, if you want it to cater to a large group we can create multiple openings to your shelter; if your shelter is for young children we can make sure the seating is lower to the ground. With a full spec, we can design any bespoke timber shelter for you. Timber shelters can be used for a range of purposes whether you need a small timber shelter in your garden or have a commercial building with a need for a larger outdoor timber shelter to cater to a bigger group. Our timber shelters come in a range of sizes and designs to suit different areas; whether that is a small or large space, we can cater to you.

For more information about our bus shelters, please contact Andy and Norma Robinson direct on:

0116 260 3777 or email us