Covered Walkways

Here at Littlethorpe of Leicester , we believe that Covered Walkways are essential for keeping visitors, staff and goods safe and dry when transitioning between buildings. Our ranges of covered walkways are the ideal solution for linking buildings together to shield people from multiple weather elements.

Littlethorpe of Leicester offers a variety of enclosed footpath shelters from large-scale walkways to small entrance covers; we offer a range of protective structures for all budgets. Whether you need a walkway to protect against sunlight, wind or rain our framed covered walkways offer a warm feel and often sit more comfortably within their surroundings than other walkway materials, such as steel. Our covered walkways can withstand high temperatures, gusty winds and heavy rain. They are great value for money too when compared to a traditional brick structure, an aluminium structure is also easier to take down or move, unlike a brick structure.

Our products are FSC® accredited. Buying hardwood shelters from an FSC® accredited organisation, helps preserve the future of forests by ensuring that the forests are correctly maintained. We only manufacture from sustainable timber. Due to our quality materials and the high level of workmanship, all of our products require minimal maintenance. As with all our products, our covered walkways are durable as we build them to last.

Path Shelters

Tailor Made to Suit Your Requirements

Our path shelters are tailor made to suit your requirements and as such are a great fit. We also have roofing options to include timber, polycarbonate and toughened glass. Our covered pathways have great expected life duration, and can also be supplied with a guarantee if you require.

We also offer a diverse range of other wooden products to complement your new outdoor space and these include planters and raised beds. We are also well-versed in creating bespoke structures to suit your specific needs so if you are looking for something special feel free to get in touch. Whatever your needs we are confident that we can help you to find the best answer for your site.

The images of path shelters that you see on this page were designed and manufactured by Littlethorpe of Leicester. If you have any questions regarding our covered walkways or any products here at Littlethorpe then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Littlethorpe is a FSC® certified supplier: Certification code: CU-COC-806450

Littlethorpe comply with the "BWF code of practice" for competent & ethical business practice.